Forget about Boat Cleaning DIY! Try Hiring a Commercial Cleaner Today

One of the biggest challenges for any boat owner is finding the right person or company to clean. Any boat owner will strive to do their best in ensuring that their vessel is clean and well maintained at all times. Regular maintenance of the boat will make it an easier task to conduct cleaning the next time and the one after that. Care is necessary, especially if you don’t have boat insurance. You need to be able to take the measures necessary to protect your boat as well as yourself.

You may not have the practical knowledge of how to go about it and will need a commercial cleaner’s services. While it is easy to get a commercial cleaner for your boat, you need to be thorough and ensure that you only settle for the best. Most cleaning companies that offer boat cleaning services tend to distribute their fliers and pamphlets around the marine area. They are also listed on the yellow pages, and you will have a variety to choose from.

You shouldn’t see engaging a commercial cleaner as an additional expense for something like a boat since you won’t be thorough like them if you do the work yourself. Numerous benefits come in getting a commercial cleaner to do the job for you like;

Peace of Mind

You do not have to worry about cleaning the dirt or filth yourself once you hire a commercial cleaner. You are assured that the cleaner will do the job as per your requirements and far better than you would have. You can sit back and relax in knowing that you will get what you want.

Save Money

If you engage a commercial cleaner on a long-term basis, you will save a lot of money since you are eligible for discounts, as is the norm of many commercial cleaning companies. You do not have to worry about a regular wage if you were to get someone like a regular employee to do the job.


A commercial cleaner is well trained to do the job effectively. Cleaners have the necessary skills to ensure the services they are providing are of high quality. They also use advanced cleaning methods and products to enhance the output of their work.

Clean and Healthy Environment

A clean and healthy boat atmosphere is essential to make the place habitable at all times. It doesn’t matter whether you will be packed or far into the sea; a clean boat will keep you physically fit. Commercial cleaners know the importance of this ad will therefore use their different techniques in ensuring that you achieve this.

You will notice that a commercial cleaning company will send a person to first conduct an assessment to determine the type of boat you have. This will help the cleaners develop a cleaning plan that will work for your type of boat. The company will advise and share the kind of marine grade cleaning solutions they want to use to conduct the job if you are interested in knowing. You will also notice that they will use fresh water and not seawater since salty water makes the boat vulnerable to oxidization stains. They can also wax your boat after they are done to make it shine.

The cleaning process is a must these days, regardless of where you want it done. Experts and professionals’ hands prove to be more efficient than when a regular person does it. We all have different skills, and a professional cleaner has their own that is needed to perform specific tasks excellently. A commercial cleaner should do thorough boat cleaning regularly to help keep the vessel well-maintained. It will also help in preventing tough stains from forming. You can handle the small cleaning tasks and allow a the cleaner to be doing a thorough clean every once in a while.

You can check the clients’ list that the cleaning company offers their services to get their reviews of the cleaning company. This way, you will tell if the commercial cleaner will pay attention to all the nooks and crannies of the boat and clean them thoroughly. Working with professionals is easy since they are dedicated to their work. This will ensure that all your boat cleaning needs are completely fulfilled.

Birthday Party

Congratulations! You’ve made it another year. Birthdays are a big deal, particularly if you’re kicking off a new decade. Birthday cruises are a great way to celebrate away from home with friends or family, and the planning is generally less of a hassle than trying to figure out the logistics of a land-based getaway. 

Check out our recommendations for living it up at sea in honour of your big day.

1. Bring Friends

Birthday cruises are more fun with the ones you love. Bring your significant other, friends and family, and you might be able to snag savings on your cabin or take advantage of the group offers that can earn you everything from Champagne and free specialty dining to onboard credit. We recommend checking with a travel agent to find the best perks.

2. Arrive in Style

Who says the pampering shouldn’t begin until you hit the gangway? Start the party early by renting a limo or luxury town car to take you and your posse from your home or hotel to the cruise port. You won’t have to worry about parking, and you and your travel companions will feel like royalty.

3. Decorate Your Cabin

Hang streamers on your door. Blow up balloons. Put party hats on your towel animals. Decorations are a fun way to celebrate even when you’re not out and about. Plus, they can help you to more easily locate your stateroom after a long night of getting your birthday on.

Happy young woman receiving relaxing back massage

4. Pamper Yourself

If you don’t normally splurge on spa treatments but have been dying for a massage or a manicure, there’s no better time to treat yourself to one than on your birthday cruise. Bonus: Many cruise lines offer discounts for first-day or port-day treatments or for multiple treatments booked at the same time.

5. Plan a Birthday Dinner

Lots of people celebrate their birthdays on land by going out to dinner. Why break tradition just because you’re at sea? Whether you meet up with your travel pals for a free dress-to-the-nines dinner in the main dining room on a formal night or pony up for a for-fee experience in an alternative restaurant, set aside one meal where you order what you want, and enjoy every bite. Alternative restaurants will spoil you for choice, too, with some ships offering everything from Asian and French to Italian and steakhouse options.

6. Order a Cake

No birthday cruise would be complete without a cake. Although candles aren’t allowed onboard — the biggest threat to cruise ship safety is fire — the ship’s staff can often provide you with a cake for your special day if you order it in advance. They’ll sing happy birthday, too.

Man zip linining

7. Book a Special Excursion

Feel like doing something spontaneous to kick off your next year of life? If you’ve always wanted to try ziplining, horseback riding or hiking along a volcano now’s your chance.

8. Dance the Night Away

Most mainstream cruise lines have nightclubs that stay open until late. Primp and preen, meet up with your friends, grab some drinks and bust a move. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about driving home at the end of the night.

9. Make Yourself Known

Although it’s not guaranteed, sometimes your travel agent or cruise line will provide you with special surprises if they know it’s your birthday, so don’t be afraid to mention that you’re celebrating when booking your birthday cruise.

What is bilge pump and how does it operate on the boat?

For the most part, as boat parts Brisbaneaverage boat owners frequently forget to give their bilge pumps the proper care that they deserve. Oftentimes, bilge pumps end up unnoticed and neglected. But, emptying the boat’s bilge wells at regular intervals and proper maintenance of bilge pumps is of paramount importance as they are actually your boat’s first and line of defence against sinking.

Bilge Pumps – What are they really and how do they Work?

A Bilge pump primarily works as a cleaner of nuisance water as well as debris from the bilges and prevent flooding of the engine room. Likewise, it works as your boat’s last survival mechanism during emergency situations as it should also be able to buy you extra time allowing you to still identify where the source of the leak is and deal with it or worst so you can prepare your lifesaving devices if your boat is really succumbing to the water.

In other words, bilge pump boat is an important piece of safety equipment and often they live an unglamorous life as they are usually exposed to slimy, dirty and smelly conditions. These conditions can all but fairly contribute to your bilge pump’s potential to fail. Keeping your bilge pumps well-maintained is, therefore, a must in order to keep your boat floating long enough.

There are different types of bilge pumps but the most common and popularly used types are centrifugal pumps and diaphragm electrical pumps.

A centrifugal pump is composed of an impeller fixed at the centre and held in place by a shaft. It has vanes that are strategically located and the pump move water by kinetic energy, basically just like how a turbine is designed. Centrifugal pumps are mainly popular because they relatively cost cheaper, provide greater output rates (can move a lot of water) and require lesser time for the pumping process. But their main drawback is that they do not self-priming systems so they must sit in the water to pump.

Diaphragm electrical pumps suck out bilge water via an intake valve and they also have an output valve where water is pushed out through. Unlike centrifugal pumps though, they are self-priming so they can be run dry without issues and they are particularly more advantageous for use where water has to be pushed more than a few feet uphill. They, however, can’t move as much water nor tolerate as much debris making them prone to leaks and failures compared to centrifugal pumps.

How to Properly Maintain Your Boat’s Bilge Pump

The bilge pump has to be clean and free of debris and trashes so it can work efficiently. Excess water combined with oil residues and dirt can cause clogging in the pump and keeps it from operating properly.

Regular bilge cleaning is necessary, particularly for older boats. And, this is true even in the new ones. For centrifugal pumps, be sure to clear its strainers and waterproof all connectors. While diaphragm pumps can be cleaned by opening up its body and clearing its pump chambers from debris.